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by Meepinator on Dec 02, 2020 at 04:30 AM
In order to create a functional, respectful and positive environment in Reunion where we can effectively organize for events and engage with one another to enjoy playing the game, we have established some rules for all faction members to follow. We ask everyone to follow these rules in order to help keep Reunion a great faction. *A violation of these rules will result in a warning , a second violation of one of the conduct rules may result in a kick for one day up to one week depending on the violation, and a third violation will result in a permanent kick and a permanent ban from the guild.

2.) BE RESPECTFUL OF ONE ANOTHER* This should be obvious but when people get upset with one another, which will happen as the faction acquires more people, or a disagreement arises it is important to remember to be respectful when communicating with others. No personal insults/disparaging comments/remarks or passive aggressive bullshit directed at one another will be tolerated. We understand that people get upset, we'd appreciate it if you disagree with a certain member you take it to PMs or block one another if things get too heated.
3.) NO SLURS/DISPARAGING COMMENTS ON THE BASIS OF SEX/RELIGION/GENDER/SEXUAL ORIENTATION/RACE, ETC* Expanding upon Rule 1, Reunion is accepting of all people regardless of identity/political/religious affiliation. This environment will be respectful of all people.
4.) KEEP RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL TALK TO A MINIMUM* These topics are okay to discuss in moderation, this isn't exactly a "safe space" free of disagreement, but it's important to remember many people take politics/religion very seriously and could get extremely upset. Once again, be respectful of one another.
5.) DON'T KILL FACTION MEMBERS* Simple, don't kill faction members. Don't kill faction members alts either if they have told you who they are (at the time, not in the past where it is likely you have forgotten). Likewise, do not get pissy if your alt gets killed by someone in faction when they did not know or remember who you are.
6.) You may not start malicious rumors about another guild mate - Please refer to point 1 under conduct.
7.) Don't lie to the officers,(this includes on the application and/or about your identity) we will find out eventually and this could lead to a warning/kick.
8.) Don't ignore the officers if we are formally contacting you, generally we are contacting you about something important
9.) Don’t catfish, if we find information about catfishing and it proves to be true you will get kicked without warning. Catfishing is pretending/claiming to be someone that you are not.

**NR Map Rules**
This is Only for the Northern Realm map:
Due to the fact that the northern realm is a pvp free zone the Issue has come up of red side alts getting killed.

From Now on
-ALL PVP OUTSIDE of the SPAWN POINT is permitted no matter if its an alt .
-IF your alt is on the other side you are hereby free to attack anyone from the guild with your alt as long as they have attacked you first.
-If you get attacked by a guild member take screenshots after you've told them your an alt of reunion if they persist in attacking your alt, and send them to an officer

You are required to attend 3 of the following PVP events every 4 weeks:
-TNF: Thursday Night Fights
-TW: Territory Wars
-xTW: Cross Territory Wars
-PWB: Primal World Boss
It is important to remember that we understand real life comes first, if you cannot meet that minimum requirement for a certain duration, speak with an officer just to notify us, it's okay
Trials mats are free to all members who have came to trials the week in question, and participated. Meaning no afk-ing for the majority on trials then expecting us to give you the materials you claimed. (Also all materials must be claimed BEFORE TRIALS ENDS! You cannot be upset if you don't get what you claimed if you did not claim it in advance)
If you have a character in another faction that we are having a TW against, that is fine. But you can't use that character to show against us.

**Rules ON leaving the Guild **
If you ragequit the guild, you have 3 days to come back with insta invite. If you ragequit after this, officers will look at the reasons for leaving and discuss it before deciding on insta invite or reapply.

**Rules on recieving payments**
-1m if signed up on site and attended ctw
-3m if signed up on site after friday and attended both ctw and ts
-7m if signed before friday, log ts and attend xtw
-1m if signed up on site and attended tw
-3m if signed up on site after friday and attended both tw and ts
-7m if signed before friday, log ts and attend tw

** You can only get the payment ONCE regardless of if you attened both TW and XTW **

To recive TNF split you need to:
- Log teamspeak (unless you have discussed prior with officers as to why you are exempt this week/in general)
- Attend event
note: The payment will only occur if we win the helmet. The helm will then be sold for 350m and then the money will be split among all attendants.
To recive PWB split you need to:
- Log teamspeak (unless you have discussed prior with officers as to why you are exempt this week/in general)
- Attend event
note: The payment only occurs if we are able to get any bignotes. The money is split among all attendants.

**Alts in Guild**
-Any alt character needs to be a minimum of g16 gear and Royal Sky 5
-The main of the alt needs to be active; for example attending events such as xtw to be able to have the alt in the guild
-The main and the alt need to both be actively getting 50 chiv each week
-The alt must be actively used in xtw altwars if/when needed
Please be aware that if we need space we will be removing alts, we will try and inform you if this is the case

**Alts in wars**
- You should always use you main in the main war unless you have asked an officer and permission has been granted
- Should we be short on a class we could require you to bring your alt instead of your main – HOWEVER this will be discussed with you prior to the war
- If you do use your alt instead of your main in the main war you will receive a warning
- If you continue to use your alt in the main war after receiving a warning you will no longer be eligible for payment.
(All alts are encouraged to attend any alt/secondary war should your main be finished in the war it was assigned to)

If you haven't entered the cross server 10 minutes before the war we will start to replace you - meaning if you are late and have not informed an officer you could potentially lose your place in the squad/war for that week.
If you have informed an officer that you will be late we can save a spot for you however if you are not there by the time you have told us (example you told us 15 minutes but then didn't arrive until 25minutes) we will start to replace you and you could potentially lose your place in the squad/war for that week.

**Trial Distribution Rules **
1.) Materials will be SPLIT which means if two people claim a mat, the materials will be divided in half and given to both people etc.
2.) No alt will be allowed to come before a main when it comes to bidding.
3.) Please dont afk/enter an instance during mat distribution - this could lead to you losing your claim.
The War Avatar Artifact will cost 5mill, if alot of people are trying to claim it the claimies will be offered a coin toss or a bid (starting at 5mill and capped at 25mill)
The G18 material (Empyreal Purple Dragon Scale (Bound) will be free if the claimant attends trial, if none of the claims attend it will cost 10m
In order to claim this material you must have the red g17 armour and the .5 weapon along with being serious about going for the g18.
If multiple people meet these requirements and claim for it the item will be bid upon.


For those that dont speak/read fluent English the lovely Kwendor has kindly translated the rules to French you can read them here;